AASPN COVID-19 Community Project

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused much public health threat, especially for older folks (50+) and immunocompromised individuals who have severe chronic conditions.  

Elderly Asian individuals are unarguably the most affected by this, as it's more contagious and more deadly for older people. Not only do they face discrimination, they also have barriers of accessibility, mobility, and language.

In the wake of this risky situation, Asians in the Americas Support and Professional Network (AASPN) has initiated a project to provide support for these people by delivering groceries or running errands, minimizing the contact they have with the outside world. 

Use the following link to the website to volunteer or request for support, it is currently provided in five different languages.


If anyone has any questions regarding this program to support the community, please contact the following:

Greater Toronto Area: contact@aaspn.com
Greater Vancouver Area: subtleasiannetworking@gmail.com

About AASPN:

Asians in the Americas Support and Professional Network (AASPN) is a non for profit professional organization and support group aimed at advancing Asian and Asian-Canadian/American causes on multiple fronts. Our group was formed out of a mutually recognized need among friends for solutions to issues of media and cultural representation; systematic discrimination in the workplace and elsewhere; in addition to addressing other serious concerns obstructing the Asian community. We hope that by fostering professional relationships and a healthy dialogue around such issues, we can help ameliorate these problems.