HKCBA Forex Realities & Strategies Webinar

Exchanging greeting two meters apart is difficult enough, so imagine small- and medium-sized businesses exchanging currencies when trading partners who are thousands of kilometres apart...and having to do that under the COVID-19 cloud. Hong Kong-Canada Business Association is hosting a webinar on May 25 at 12:00 noon - 1:00 pm.
Panelists will be invited to help businesses learn from stories (horrendous or otherwise) of foreign exchange transactions since the beginning of the year, address the perils of the new realities under COVD-19, and finally, look at strategies that will keep our heads above water in the near future.

Luc Fournier, Export Development Canada, Regional Vice President, Bank Channel
Bipan Rai, CIBC, Executive Director, North America, Head of Foreign Exchange Strategy
Alice Fu, OFX, Business Development Manager

Zoheir Hasanbhai, Board Member, Hong Kong Business Association (Toronto)
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