MRVCBA Residency & Tax Webinar Highlights

The currently released 2020 Federal Fall Economic Statement outlined the government's initiatives to improve the fairness of Canada's tax system and permit expenses deduction due to COVID-19 pandemic. MRVCBA had hosted a webinar in December, 2020 to discuss the proposed tax initiatives that local business owners, residents and newcomers are concerned about. Please view the webinar below to gain experts' insight on the future of our economy, risks and opportunities for growth.

Topic: Residency & Tax

Subtopics (for newcomers):
When you leave Canada; when you are away from Canada; when you return to Canada; what to report; how to report; when to report

Speakers: Ben Leung (CPA, CA)
                 Leung & Company Chartered Accountant, Tel.: 416-438-9736, email:
                 Kenny Wan (CPA, CA)
                 Kenny Wan Chartered Accountant Professional Corporation, Tel.: 905-305-8089, email:
Language: Cantonese

You are welcome to contact the speakers directly for further questions.

Please CLICK HERE for viewing the entire webinar.