MPP Daisy Wai CNY celebration

Message from Richmond Hill MPP Daisy Wai:

With the challenges from the pandemic, we had not been able to get together for Christmas and New Year.  We understand how hard the social isolation has impacted us and many families.  I would hope that the Monday Matters event we are organizing will make a difference for you.

I have been organizing the Monday Matters -- a Community Gathering, every month, to increase communication between my office and the community.  It allows us to provide updates to the community, provide useful information to support their needs and encourage community unity and interaction through the "Getting to know your Neighbours" program.  We introduce a different cultural group each month.  We had the Iranian community in January.  We will be introducing the Chinese Community in February.

The event will be held on February 8th at 7:30pm to 8:30pm. with the FEATURED TOPIC --  Chinese New Year.   This will be an exciting virtual event with dragon dance and lion dance, prizes giveaway and blessings from the God of Fortune.  What a wonderful way to cheer up the Community amidst  this challenging pandemic.  It will break up the mental stress caused by the prolonged isolation.

We are honoured to have Premier of Ontario joining us as well.  Premier Ford will deliver greetings and provide us with an update from the province.

Join us on-line after your dinner. Invite your friends and neighbours.  ADMISSION IS FREE.  

DATE:                                                February 8, 2021
TIME:                                                 Doors open at 7pm (Network around tables to say Happy Chinese New Year)
                                                           Event officially begins at 7:30pm
FEATURED GUEST:                         The Premier of Ontario, DOUG FORD
FEATURED TOPIC:                          Chinese New Year
CULTURAL PRESENTATION:          Chinese Community
Please register at your earliest convenience using the Eventbrite link below:

You will receive a ticket upon your registration at Eventbrite.
Note: On your ticket, you will find information with the REMO link to the event.  
A reminder email with this link will be sent out before the event begins

 We look forward to seeing you!  Gung Hay Fat Choy!