Tony Chan


Tony recently celebrated 28 years in real estate, always providing his clientele with exceptional service. As a licensed realtor he has handled with thousands of transactions since 1988 gathering a wealth of experience that has positively built up his reputation in the real estate industry. Year after year, he continuously strives to provide the most professional quality service to his clients in both residential and commercial realty needs. Whether it be finding that “dream home” for a couple or finding that right commercial property for the avid investor, Tony strives to please his clients, keeping their goals in the forefront.

To provide better, more efficient, and more personal service, Tony and his wife Shirley have incorporated their own real estate brokerage firm “Re/max Realtron TNS Realty Inc. setting  Professionalism  and honesty as the foundation of their business. With a proven marketing plan as well as a conscientious and enthusiastic approach, Tony and Shirley get results exceeding the client’s expectations.

“Beyond the Ordinary, Makes the Difference”

These words are more than a slogan, they are the driving philosophy that separates Tony and Shirley from other agents. They understand that a home is usually the single greatest investment for people financially and emotionally and they approach their task of buying or selling with sensitivity, concern and professional competence. They are not just realtors but also real estate consultants that the clients can really depend on and trust.

• Lifetime Achievement Award 
• Re/Max Hall of Fame Award
• Top 100 Re/Max Team Leaders Worldwide 2014-2015
• Top 100 Team Leaders in Canada 2011 - 2015
• Re/Max Diamond Award 2011- 2015

Association and Affiliations
• President & Broker of Record ( Re/Max Realtron TNS Realty Inc., Brokerage )
• Past Vice President of  the Association of Chinese Canadian Entrepreneur
• Director of the Richmond Hill & Markham Chinese Business Association
• Commercial Member of Toronto Real Estate Board

Any inquiries, please contact: 905-470-9800 or 416-828-8686


Tony剛剛慶祝過他從事地產行業28年。自1988年投身地產行業至今,經他代理買賣交易以千計。優質的服務和豐富的經驗建立了他在行內良好的聲譽。業務範圍包括新舊房屋買賣翻建,土地規劃 , 更變用途及發展,商業物業商舖出租買賣等。



不單只是公司的口號,也是他們公司的營商理念。 Tony和Shirley深信物業是我們生活中最寶貴的資產,所以他們時常謹此為記。但凡客人的委託,他們都承諾,必定為客人做到最好甚至超出客人的期望。 Tony和Shirley不單是出色的地產代理商,更是客戶值得信賴和依靠的地產顧問。


 Re/Max終身成就獎
 Re/Max名人榜
 Re/Max全球首百名榜 2014-2015(銷售團隊)
 Re/Max加拿大全國首五十名 2011-2015(銷售團隊)
 Re/Max加拿大鑽石大獎 2011-2015


 匯通地產總裁及行政總裁
 創業協進會前副會長
 烈治文山萬錦市華商會董事
 多倫多地產商會商業部會員

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