Yan Zhou

Secretary & Director



Yan Zhou graduated from York University with a Economic degree. After graduation, he involved in the field of Insurance, stock brokerage, wine trading and wedding photography. During his years in the stock brokerage, he was responsible for customers' satisfaction and compliance. So work in compliance is one of his characteristic. When he went back to China for working at a wine retail chain company, he oversees five stores. In the same time, he obtained his Wine & Spirit Education Trust Certificate (WSET) in HongKong. He also involved in a winery purchase transaction in Ontario.  Now he established a wedding and commercial photography company here in Toronto named A. Vision Studios. Having said so, he never forgets giving back to the communities while he expands his businesses.

He joined the Toronto Cathay Lions Club in 2011 and now he is the membership chair of TCLC. He has also joined RHMCBA as a director. He strives to devote more time and energy to volunteer in our local communities by leveraging his strength.